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Exit Planning with Access Business Advisors

An exit plan is a comprehensive road map that helps business owners successfully and profitably exit a privately-held business. It is strategically designed to assist in the decision-making process and illustrates how crucial decisions will be made to facilitate the exit. The Plan also addresses all necessary topics regarding personal, professional, and financial issues in conjunction with preparing the business owners, their families, and in some cases key employees for transition.

When you engage the guidance of a skilled business advisor at Access to assist in planning and preparing for the strategic exit from your business, it allows you to focus your energy on what you know best — running your business — knowing that you have a trusted advisor keeping the strategic plan on track.

An Exit Planner is an important professional to have on your team of advisors. This advisor can help you prepare to leave your company and alleviate the stress of its eventual sale while you focus on operating your business and increasing profits so you, in-turn, will receive the best possible price.

Creating an Exit Plan is less stressful when owners know and understand their options and realize which option would support the kind of legacy they want to leave behind.

Knowing when to act and when not to act is a key component in all important decisions. Likewise, knowing when to keep your business and when to sell it can make a significant difference in the success of your exit and your future financial security. Take the “Keep or Sell Test” and review your answers with your CBB Planning Advisor to ensure that your timing is on target.

Access our “Keep or Sell Test” article here. A well-developed exit plan should illustrate the following key topics:

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Current Valuation Of Your Business

A current valuation of your business can help identify areas that need to be addressed in order to command the highest price and best terms in the transfer of ownership.

Potential Future Value Of Your Business

The potential future value of your business is the most realistic value of your business now and what you can expect with the proper amount of preparation.

Your Options For Ownership Change

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of liquidation, keeping your business in the family, sell to managers and /or employees, sell on the open market, sell to another business or maybe you are ready for an IPO.

Methods To Increase Your Business Value

Seek advice, work to boost your profits, increase sales and lower expenses, continue to invest and improve, create strategic plan and stand out from the crowd.

Tax Saving Methods Of Your Business

Evaluate the methods and strategies of eliminating and deferring taxes in the process of running your business.

Proceeds From Strategic Ownership Change

Understanding the implications of tax strategies, gifting, insurance, trust accounts, and it’s effects.

Factors Driving The Value Of Your Business

Comparable market activity and valuation multiples, cash flow, profits, the current lending environment, economic expansion, competitive marketplace, business model, company financial characteristics, and future growth opportunities are just a few of the factors to consider.

Tax Implications Of Ownership Change

Stock sale or asset sale and how it affects you, the owner, in the transfer of ownership in the options of ownership change listed above.

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Exit Planning

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